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Liturgical Resources Links

Archdiocese of Toronto – Guidelines For Parish Eucharists Celebrated In A School

This is a great page from the archdiocese that makes recommendations for successful school Eucharistic celebrations. This page has recommendations for: planning, setup, decoration, choice of celebration, choice of readings, and choice of music. The page also emphasizes the involvement of the student population as well as the importance of silence in the mass. The page seems to be applicable for all school levels.–Alfred Cadawas

CAFOD – Catholic Agency for Overseas Development

This website offers a great selection of children’s liturgies that can be performed in the classroom and school community. These liturgies are rooted in the theme of social justice and help make students more aware of many of the injustices that occur throughout the world. This site offers prayers, quotes, songs, poems, parish liturgies, in addition to a number of classroom activities. — Fabio Nardo

Catholic Liturgical Library

This website has great information about the history of the church and the liturgy. There are many useful articles about liturgy: what it is, how to make it meaningful for us, how to pray, etc. A great section of this website goes over ways we, as Catholics, can make liturgy real and meaningful for ourselves, how to get the most out of mass and how to put the most into mass. Also great about this website is a section about what is correct and incorrect about liturgy. This is great for teachers who are new to the faith themselves, and also teachers who would like the mass simplified in order to teach it to their students.–Josie Vidiri

This website provides extensive and detailed information on all aspects of the Catholic liturgy. Some of the topics include art and architecture of the Church, architecture listings, articles, official liturgical documents, official texts (including the Mass), ways to more fully participate, and answers to questions about what is (and is not) allowed during liturgical celebrations. The website is particularly useful to teachers for planning, preparing, celebrating, teaching and understanding the Catholic liturgy. – Tina Ali

Catholic Liturgies Throughout the School Year

This website is a resource for teachers looking for classroom and school wide liturgy ideas. It includes nine liturgies for Kindergarten to Grade 8. Each liturgy has 4 sections: i) an introduction; ii) tips for preparation; iii) how to set up; and iv) celebration – the actual script for the liturgy. Each liturgy has a link on the introduction page that allows the viewer to open the entire liturgy into one document. From this point just click on the print button and you have a hard copy of the liturgy.– Amy Clemente

Christian Legends & Symbols

This is a wonderfully attractive site which provides information on Christian Legends and Symbols, Easter links, an Advent Calendar, a Bestiary (list of biblical animals with explanation of importance or meaning of animal, with scripture references provided), a Saints Index, etc. Primary children would be able to use this site, with some guidance from a teacher or adult helper. Teachers will find this useful for gathering information for various themes in our Religion programs. –Anne D’Andrea


This site has a host of information about many Christian legends and symbols, such as symbols pertaining to Easter, Christmas, The Rosary and the Stations of the Cross. If you go to Easter, you will find many Easter symbols such as the lamb and the butterfly, and the origin and symbolism of these can be found. This site is very useful for teachers who may be doing a unit where this information is useful, such a an Easter unit where the children are learning about the Easter symbols. The site is user friendly. — T.Ramcharan

CyberFaith: TheLiturgical Year

This web site take a close look at Liturgial Seasons and provides background information about Easter, the Trduum, Ordinary Time, Lent, Christmas and Advent and the colours associated with the liturgical seasons. When preparing for one of the Liturgical seasons, this online resource supplies both teacher and students with useful information that may be used during religion time. For instance, when you click on Advent it will give you an overview of what it is about. It lists themes in prayer and scripture and explains the liturgical colours and advent symbols. It presents the stepping stones to launch a theme/unit and offers material that is very child friendly. Rather than always referring to a text book or hand-outs, this web site is a good way to incorporate technology into your planning; like researching a topic or having the students organize a prayer service for the class on one of the topics.

Directory for Masses With Children (Adoremus – Society for the Renewal of the Sacred Liturgy)

Planning a liturgy for children? Then this website is for you! This electronic version of the Directory for Masses With Children is an online source to the Church’s guide on how to plan a children’s liturgy. It includes information on the “rules” about changes to the mass when trying to address children’s spiritual needs, and gives suggestions on how to engage children in the mass.–Bernadette Stamegna

Easter for Kids and Teachers

The site identifies facts, history, lesson plans, worksheets, easter games and more.–Michael Calabrese 

Easter Fun for Preschool Teachers

This site lists songs, snacks, art and games for educators and parents to use with young children. –Michael Calabrese

Emmanuel Magazine

God’s Children: Teaching Liturgy to Children

created by Debbie Lou Ludolph touches on teaching the liturgy of Holy Communion to children. Grade 2 teachers will benefil from this site.- Vilma Noronha

This site includes a list of resources for teachers and parents who are preparing students for and teaching students about the sacraments. Additional information can be accessed through various links. From the Evangelical Lutheran Church –Melissa Doucette

Teaching Liturgy to children is designed to stir your imagination according to the website. It is full of ideas about how to provide children with opportunities to fully participate and worship life of a congregation. This is useful for elementary teachers because it is a great resource to help children engage in liturgies and full of great ideas. — Frances Longo

Lectionary Resources – The Text This Week – Scripture Study, Liturgy and Worship Links

Liturgical Calendar

This website provides a liturgical calendar for each year to 2087. For each year it lists the days for: Ash Wednesday, Easter Ascension, Pentacost, Corpus Christi, Ordinary Weeks of the year before and after Pentacost, and the first Sunday of Advent. This calendar is very helpful for teachers who are planning liturgical events for the school year. –V.Zucchi

Liturgical Press: Essential Resources for a Worshipping World

This website is connected with the Benedictine Abbey of St. John’s in Collegeville, Minnesota. This website specializes in providing products to facilitate Catholic worship. The site also features areas of Liturgy such as loose-leaf lectionary, Catholic rites/rituals, Mass guides, bulletins, and journals. The site also features such resources that may be helpful to educators such as Benedictine daily prayer. – A. Mendicino

The Liturgical Season of Advent

This web site has an abundance of information specifically geared towards the season of advent. It provides a clear and simple explanation of advent which can be understood by all students. Also, it contains prayers and bible reading for each day of advent. This can be incorporated into your prayer time during religion when focusing on advent. The making of crafts is also incorporated into this web site, for instance, it tells you how to make an advent wreath and a Jesse tree. These are great craft/art ideas that can be implemented into your art program during Christmas time. This is a great resource because it will assist you when planning your advent unit and it offers opportunities for crossover lesson plans.



Online Breviary

Saints and Angels

“Largest index of Saints and Angels on the Internet” – It is a wonderful source of information on too many saints to mention, ( This Month’s Saint, Feast Day lists, Patron Saints, Ethnic Saints – an exhaustive listing). — Anne D’Andrea

This site has a wealth of information about saints, the saints for the month, patron Saints and Feastdays. The Angels section tells what are angels, it gives information about guardian angels and other angels in the Bible. Students are fascinated with angels, they also love to know which saint they were named after and this site gives all that information to teachers and students alike. Teachers and students will find this site a great resource. — T.Ramcharan

The Saints Index is an exhaustive list of Saints that contains all known information pertaining to each Saint. There is also information about this months Saints, Patron Saints and a Feastday List. This site also provides a Saints search feature that will help you locate a specific Saint quickly and effectively by name or other search criteria. – Vilma Noronha

The Stations Of The Cross-Especially for Children

– online Stations with prayer and meditation

The Stations of the Cross

Students can view the stations on line and there is a brief description of each station and it’s importance. The web site also provides a four-page handout on the Stations of the Cross. This site is useful because students can explore and study each station independently. They will be able to understand Jesus’ suffrage and the importance of his struggles and pain while he was being condemned to death. — Peter Paris

The Twelve Voices of Easter

This site provides a real audio experience of the Easter story as told through the voices of the many people associated with Jesus i.e. Judas, Peter, Mary Magdalene, Pilate, to name a few.
The authors have created personal thoughts and dialogue that these acquaintances may have had during the time of Jesus? death and resurrection and brought these thoughts to life for all to hear. Personal feelings of affirmation, courage, doubt, adoration, and assurance are revealed from each individual character to help further enrich a student’s (particularly secondary school students) understanding of the Easter story. A French audio version is also available. — L. Butrico

Universalis: Liturgy Of The Hours

complete information and instruction on praying the Liturgy of the Hours

Web of Creation

This website offers a selection of prayers, litanies, blessings and hymns that can be used to create a classroom liturgy. Students and teachers can work together to piece together their own unique liturgies. The theme of this site is environmental and thus can make for a great Earth Day Liturgy. In addition, this site offers samples of liturgies that are ready to be used. — Fabio Nardo



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