Elijah and Luke/Acts- an intertextual hermeneutical ecclesiology- by Rev Bishop Rosenkranz

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Litwak challenges previous studies of the use

of the Old Testament in Luke-Acts as inadequate.

In contrast to previous studies that consider

only quotations or obvious allusions,

he examines intertextual echoes

of the Old Testament at strategic points in Luke-Acts,

as well as quotations and allusions and echoed traditions.

Thus, this study’s database is larger.

Previous studies generally argue that Luke’s use

of the Scriptures is in the service of Christology.

This leads to the exclusion of scriptural citations,

such as those of the temptation (Luke 4:1–13)

which have different emphases.

Litwak views ecclesiology as the overall purpose

behind Luke’s use of the Old Testament,

but he does not skip or avoid intertextual references

that may lie outside an ecclesiological function.

Whilst other studies contend that Luke uses

the Old Testament according to a

promise-fulfillment/proof-form-prophecy hermeneutic,

Litwak argues that this fails to account

for many of the intertextual references.

Other studies often subsume all of Luke’s use

of the Scriptures of Israel under one theme,

such as the ‘New Exodus’,

but this study does not require

that every intertextual echo

maps to a specific theme.

Rather, the many intertextual references

in strategic texts at the beginning,

middle and end of Luke-Acts,

and Luke’s use of the texts,

are allowed to dictate the ‘themes’

to which they relate.

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106 responses to “Elijah and Luke/Acts- an intertextual hermeneutical ecclesiology- by Rev Bishop Rosenkranz”

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